The Institute for Tourism is the only scientific public institute in Croatia specializing in research and consultancy services in tourism. Its expertise is based on scientific work, permanent research activities and the continuous education of its multidisciplinary team. The institute’s basic tasks are: research, education, planning and development, information and documentation, library and publishing. The institute’s activities are governed by an integrated approach to tourism development and management, which takes into account the development aspects of a company or a tourist destination, as well as the national tourism policies. The Institute for Tourism works together with tourism industry players with whom it shares a common goal – to achieve a higher level of competitiveness for Croatian tourism. Results from the Institute's applied research work is the basis for two long-term scientific research projects: (1) Tourism and Economic Development and (2) Spatial, Environmental and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Tourism. As a scientific institution, the Institute for Tourism also continuously strives to share the knowledge and experience it has gained via various forms of life-long learning modules developed primarily to suit the needs of professionals employed in tourism industry. The Institute also assists Croatian secondary and tertiary education providers in defining programs and curricula to better suit the needs of tourism and hospitality sectors.


Dr. Renata Tomljenović

Senior Scientific Associate

5 Vrhovec, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

T    +385 1 3909 666

F    +385 1 3909 667