The Hotel and Tourism Vocational School in Zagreb was founded on September 15th 1955. From its foundation until today it has had different names: Hotel school (from 1955 until 1961), Hotelier school (from 1961 until 1978). After that period it was integrated into the Hotel-catering educational centre (from 1978 until 1990). It has also functioned as a part of the Catering and tourism school (from 1990 until 1997),  and, finally, from  September 1st 1997, it  has been an independent facility with its headquarters  in Frankopanska 8.

The school area consists of 1175,44 m². On three levels there are 13 classrooms, 4 cabinets (IT – cabinet, catering cabinet, typing skills cabinet , the tourist agency  and the front office cabinet), staff-room, library, principal's office, administrative and technical staff offices, as well as some other smaller additional areas. The students' vocational training is organized in different hotels and in tourist agencies.

Pupils in the Hotel and Tourism School leave school with the degree of a hotel and tourism technologist, and the quality of their education enables them to actively pursue careers in jobs connected to tourism. This applies primarily to jobs in hotels, tourist agencies and other similar companies where they can work on research and analysis of the tourist market, coordinate different services of an agency and a hotel's sales department, work in advertising, work at the front office,  as well as the housekeeping department. Receiving the title of Hotel and tourism technologist or manager enables them to be creative and to start a business of their own.  The majority of pupils goes on to the university after finishing this school successfully. Most of them graduate in social sciences, which also gives a confirmation of the high level of the quality of education provided by the Hotel and Tourism School in Zagreb.

At the moment (the 2012/2013 academic year), there are 726 students in the 4-year program at the Hotel and Tourism School in Zagreb. Since 1998, the School has offered a hotel and tourism manager degree as part of its adult education program.

According to the school curriculum, throughout the four years our students learn three foreign languages (English, German, French or Italian).  From the 2005/06 academic year, our school offers the CLIL experimental program offering the students in a particular class the opportunity to take a certain percentage of their subjects in both Croatian and a foreign language.

In order to add to both the theoretical and vocational aspects of the curriculum, the school also organizes field trips which include educational input from teachers of economics, geography, foreign languages, art history and history, as well as other subjects.

The school also offers elective classes in foreign  languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Czech and Russian), additional and supplementary classes of foreign languages, as well as extra-curricular activities: sport club KROA-HTS (football, basketball, volleyball, handball, handball and beech volleyball, table-tennis, athletics, swimming and rifle shooting), literary group, journalism section, drama club, photography and film section EOL, a German DSD diploma program. The school has also been an ECDL test center since 2003. Our pupils also take part in different competitions : Gastro ( they regularly have great success and win medals, and a couple of times they won a  trophy, as a overall winners) , Lidrano ( we have participated in the national review for a number of years), AEHT ( an international competition of hotel and tourism as well as catering schools- gold medals in 2004 and 2009 as well as a silver medal in 2010), EuQuiz, Croatian and foreign language competitions (''Opportunities'', ''Cambridge English Readers''), history and geography competitions, various sports competitions in which our pupils have outstanding results, first aid competitions, maths competitions (''Klokan bez granica''), IT competitions (''Europe at School'', ''Siemens Join Multimedia'') and catechism competitions.  Pupils have outstanding results in different projects (''Christmas in Europe'', ''Comenius'', ''Junior achievement'', DSD-program – German language diploma, ''This is our time'' – project under UNESCO patronage). Moreover, pupils take part in exchange programes and cooperation with European schools of a similar profile (''Istituto turistico di Caserta'', Italy; the Croatian school in Esslingen / Stuttgart, Germany; the Croatian grammar school in Budapest, Hungary; ''International youth meeting: Bridge of friendship'', Brindisi, Italy and Haren Ems, Germany)  as well as in different humanitarian activities ('To Vukovar with heart', 'Hope for Africa',  'Equal opportunities festival', assistance to the ''Croatian guide dog and mobility association“, Christmas humanitarian activities…). Since 2004/05 this school has been taking part in the 'skills@work' in cooperation with the British Council. Our school hosted last year's 'Christmas in Europe' event which included students and staff of tourism and catering schools from around the world. Also, the year 2012 being the 20th anniversary of the first 'Christmas in Europe', the school presented a monograph detailing the event's past twenty years.


Ms. Martina Surina

Vocational Training Coordinator

Zagreb School for Hotel and Tourism

8 Frankopanska, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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