What is CORE-VET about?

Tourism and Hospitality remain important generators of economic growth, employment, and socioeconomic integration in Europe. In 2010, for example, more than nine million persons were employed in the tourism industry, which equals to over 4% of all persons employed. Through the growth of globalization, a wide variety of career opportunities have emerged in this sector, most notably for the socio-demographic group of persons who have completed lower secondary education. However, since European tourism is largely a small and medium-sized tourism industry, often employers lack proper training programs necessary for the advancement of the skills and competences of their employees. The European project CORE-VET underlines the need to develop skilled labor in the tourism sector and aims to provide vocational education and training possibilities - and better employment opportunities - for unskilled and/or semi-skilled people who are either unemployed, but wish to enter the tourism industry, or they are already working in the tourism industry, but lack the necessary skills and competences in order to advance in their job.

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